Every baby wrap made in the Czech Republic must meet strict requirements of pollutants' limits that are set by Decree no. 84/2001 Sb., in which Ministry of Interior specifies hygienic requirements for toys and for products used by children under 3 years. Substances contained which could negatively affect human health including harmful dyes are monitored, and their resistance against sweat and spit. And Lenire wraps obviously meet all these requirement!

Whole manufacturing process is also certified by internationally recognized quality mark Öko-tex Standard 100 – class 1 for smallest children under 3 years. Öko-tex organization has its branch offices in over 40 countries all over the world and testing criteria are being updated according to newest science knowledge. For that reason, the certificates have to be renewed in set intervals. And that is why this attest has so big name in the world of textile.

We care about your children' safety!