Lenire Pythagoras red-violet - Size: 4,7m

Jacquard baby wrap, 100% cotton, weight 250 g/m2. More

Manufacturer: LenireProduct code: PhytFial6Shipping and Payment

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Jacquard baby wrap, 100% cotton, weight 250 g/m2. More

Manufacturer: LenireProduct code: PhytFial6Shipping and Payment

When designing the baby wrap, we had a simple goal on our minds – we wanted to offer you that kind of baby wrap which would be comfortable for babies, but supportive enough also for toddlers and so that it could be used for whole baby wearing time.

-    jacquard binding is flexible enough, so that the fabric can adjust to the shape of both you and your baby. It is however also firm and durable enough, which means that it will not jiggle when carrying heavier babies, and the carrying will be comfortable.

-    material has such behavior that it can be easily tightened and that it stays tight enough without any sliding.

-     baby wrap is fluffy, but it is does not feel weak – it is usable even for older and heavier babies and toddlers

-    we have made sure that the material would have nice feeling on touch. Lenire are baby wraps made of 100% cotton, despite that, after first few initial wears, it will reward you with softness. For our first collection, we have chosen to use natural uncolored worsted – it is very nice and comfortable thanks to its fine hair, and is not chemically colored-

We have made baby wraps Lenire wider on purpose, its width is 74 cm – thus the wrap is always wide enough to create a little "pillow" which would serve as a rest for little babies' heads, with older children, you can be sure that they cannot hide their hands in the wrap, or that the cloth will not be rolling up behind their back.

As a matter of course, the endings are chamfered endings and also central marks on both hems. Hems are distinguished by different colors. That all is done for easy orientation when tying.

Hems are folded so that you can choose whether you will wear the baby wrap with either its face or its back visible.
Lenire are completely Czech made products. Cotton is not from the Czech Republic, it is however adjusted and colored there, according to our draft, a fabric is weaved in a weaving with long tradition, in a Czech sewing workshop the wrap is cut and tailored. Labels are made in the Czech Republic, all packaging and manuals are also made there. You will be getting a Czech product through and through.

Lenire wraps are made with big accent on quality. Cotton of highest quality is used for weaving, the fabric is strictly checked on exit, so that superior quality of linen is ensured.

Wraps are colored in the Czech Republic with colors that meet Czech Decree no.84/2001 Sb., which strictly states requirements for products for children under 3 years, including its resistance to sweat and spit. Wraps also meet international quality norm of textile articles Oeko text standard 100 class 1. They also meet European standard for children carriers EN-13209-2:2005. Your children' safety is our priority!

Together with the wrap, you will get a brochure with manual for basic and most used front wrap cross carry and with important tips for parents who are beginning with baby wearing.

Lenire wraps that will come to your home will not be preshrunk, therefore they will be much longer and wider and only after first washing will they shrunk to expected length and will obtain final attributes. We recommend that you wash the wrap before first tying and let it shrunk in a washing machine at the temperature of 60° Celsius and then iron it.

Maintenance: wash on 40 degrees in a washing machine, can be dried using drier on low intensity, iron on moderate level, do not bleach, do not clean use dry cleaning.


Made in Czech republic, EU.

Material: 100% cotton.


Weight 250 g/m2
Weawing type Universal
Colour redviolet