I am wondering where to begin. Lenire wraps are in its infancy and are so far the ending of our story. Thus, I will go through it chronologically, and beware – it may be long read.

My name is Věra Kalousková. In 2005, my first son was born. I was going through an interesting period, I was finishing university and simultaneously, I had been getting along with my new maternal role. At one moment, two conditions had met – after State examination, I had been having a lot of time and will to travel, and also had been thinking how to carry my baby with me. At first, it was audacious and not really successful try to create home-made wrap from canvas, then it changed to finding the right one. However, then there was so few wrap producers that you could have counted them with one hand. So an idea was born. An idea that I could be showing the wraps to other moms in my neighborhood, do sessions where they would be able to try more brands with various patterns and so. From there, it was just a small step towards the website NošeníDětí.cz, where a specialized baby carrying e-shop was born, carrying women from all over the country had met for a discussion and we talked (and still are :) ) all things about carrying together.

In 2008, a daughter entered our family, children had been getting older, we moved on from wraps to ergonomic carriers and even these were not enough for them anymore. At these times, regular carriers and bigger carriers for toddlers were available on the market. And I had been wondering if it would not be possible to create a carrier that would be capable of growing up with a baby, be more similar to wrap, as these are incredibly good and unique at adjusting to both baby and his parents. And so after 2 years of preparations, the KiBi carrier has appeared.

Another few years have passed, and KiBi does not need my care anymore – it became standalone. That meant only one thing – it was the right constellation to fulfill another dream of mine – to build my own brand that would be specialized in wraps for baby carrying. I have had always thought about that, but had been too scared to make it true. Dreams ought to be fulfilled, if there is even a little chance of success. So, another 2 years of preparations have passed, and today, you can carry children in Lenire wraps.

I wish them a bit of hope. I keep repeating that fortune favors prepared in my mind. I wish that you will be happy with them and that we will be glad for them together…

Věra Kalousková
owner, CEO and creative leader of Lenire s.r.o.