In the beginning, we have decided to start with pure 100% cotton. It is a proven and durable material that everyone knows, and so the care about Lenire wraps is not different from regular clothes.

Wrap that you buy is not preshrunk. Therefore, it is cut longer and after first few washings, it will shrink to the final length, width and also will get its final attributes. For this reason, we recommend that you wash the wrap before first use. If you want to fasten shrinking, you can wash the wrap on 60 degrees Celsius, for all cases with clothes of similar color.

For basic care, washing on 40 °C as other colored fabrics is enough. That is the temperature that cleans most of common dirt while being friendly to the material. That is why on the tag, you will find following recommendation:

pokyny k údržbě 

Can be washed on 40 degrees in washing machine, do not bleach, can be dried in drier on low intensity, can be ironed on moderate intensity, no dry cleaning.

Lenire wraps are not very crushable thanks to the weaving procedures, therefore risk of permanent crease creation, which could cause weakening or even breaking of the threads in these areas as it happens with flaxen wraps, is minimized. Despite that, we recommend that you iron the wrap after a washing and that you iron out potential creases as a prevention.

Let the wrap serve you well and for a long time!