There is a lot of wraps on the market, thick, thin, gloss, gross, flexible, rigid, narrow, wide, soft, solid, airy, with different bindings, colors, materials…

We have set a simple goal for the beginning: we want to create universal baby wrap, one that will be comfortable to the youngest, but also to older toddlers. Simply a wrap that could be used from the first baby to the last toddler.

One and the only target, but really difficult to reach.

Because reaching a golden mean is much more difficult than focusing on either small babies or heavier children. Wrap must not be too thin and weak, but must also not be too thick and stiff. It has to be sliding enough so that tying is easy, but once the wrap is tied, it has to be rigid enough – even when a child decides to play like a kangaroo. It has to be nice and soft for newborns, however it also must cope with trips when helping tired tourists-beginners.

Weaving mill has been patiently tolerating more and more demands of ours. Evolution of Lenire baby wraps has come through several development stages and more than a year of progression. When a wrap that can go to the world came.

-          it is 100% cotton, thus you will not have any issue when washing it.

-          weaved with so popular jacquard binding that feels very nice on touch

-          with grammage of 250 g/m2 before washing

-          with color coded hems for easier orientation during tying

-          with great width of 74 cm, which ensures that you will never miss any centimeter

But mostly – we believe, that the wrap is good enough to become a great friend of yours during a time that is called maternity leave…