A practical handbag in the KiBi baby carrier design which you can use when carrying your baby in the carrier or independently.

Whenever you need to go out with your baby, it is necessary to have somewhere to put your purse, your cell phone, your keys, a drink and even a hat for the baby, extra nappies or a dummy ... the KiBi handbag is big enough to take all these basic necessities. You can wear it across your shoulder or in the cross-body position, but a further practical solution involves fastening it to your waist and wearing it as a bum bag. You can wear the bag on your waist behind you and, whenever you need anything, simply twist it around to the front before returning it again. Your baby is secured, your hands are free and things are within easy reach.

1. worn on one shoulder

2. worn as a cross-body handbag

3. worn under the baby carrier as a bum bag

* the shoulder strap can be opened using the clasp
*  easy tightening and adjustment of the strap length
* a flap with magnetic closure for easy, one-handed access
* two internal pockets for better organisation
* an internal carabiner for attaching important items
* an internal elastic band for securing drink bottles

Material: 100% cotton - Lenire wrap fabric.

Size: width 21cm, height 15cm, depth 3cm

Wash instructions: Machine wash delicate at 30 °C; do not dry in a dryer, do not bleach, dry clean or iron.

Handmade in Czech Republic.